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..and that's us!

In McCall, Idaho.


Winding its way through the high desert of southern Idaho, from the last remaining frontier of the Franck Church Wilderness to the wet mountain forests of Northern Idaho, the Idaho Centennial Trail (ICT) is a strenuous 900-mile hike through the entire state.

This is the Frank Church Wilderness!

We're kinda partial to this part of the trail. We fly in and over almost every day. The Frank Church-River of No Return is the largest contiguous unit of the National Wilderness Preservation System in the Lower 48. Full of steep, rugged mountains, deep canyons, and whitewater rivers. So, if you're not up for a 900-mile hike, but still crave some adventure. Let us help you experience a section of this true natural wonder, With our customizable drop-off and pick up points in one of our Cessna 206 aircraft.

Some stops along the way...


Indian Creek

  • N44°45.91' W115°6.65'

  • @ 294-mile marker         Northbound of the main ICT

  • USFS Ranger Station

  • Elevation 4718'

  • No roads


Chamberlain Basin

  • N45°22.82' W115°11.72'

  • @ 367-mile marker         Northbound of the main ICT

  • USFS Guard Station

  • Elevation 5765'

  • 4 hr 25 min drive from McCall

Moose Creek.JPG

Moose Creek

  • N46°7.41' W114°55.49'

  • @ 470-mile marker         Northbound of the main ICT

  • USFS Ranger Station

  • Elevation 2454'

  • No roads


Sulphur Creek

  • N44°32.84' W115°20.94'

  • @ 4-mile marker on the         S. Alt Route of the ICT

  • Private Ranch

  • Elevation 5835'

  • No roads



  • N44°38.73' W115°32.15'

  • @ 19-mile marker on the       S. Alt Route of the ICT

  • Private Ranch

  • Elevation 6662'

  • 1 hr 35 min drive from McCall



  • N44°58.46' W115°43.42'

  • @ 16-mile marker on the       S. Alt Route of the ICT

  • USFS Ranger Station

  • Elevation 3982'

  • 2 hr 30 min drive from McCall

The ICT is a highly undocumented trail, especially for its size. McCall Aviation is solely providing transportation to point A and point B. When your feet hit the dirt, you're in charge!


Do your research. Take only memories. Leave only footprints.

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